• For the 2016 Summer Reading Club, only reviews of books, magazines and audiobooks will be accepted. We'd love to see your comments about CDs, movies, games and software, but since none of these media or formats count toward your summer reading club log, we can't accept them at this time.
  • Keep it short, but not too short. Usually between five to ten sentences is good. Remember, "It was good; I like it," is not a book review!
  • Be specific. Tell what you liked and disliked, and describe exactly why. Give examples, if possible.
  • Have you read other books by this author? How did this one compare?
    Did the book's format make it special? For instance, was it an audiobook with a terrific reader? A manga with great art?
    Express your own voice and thoughts. You can submit a negative review, but please keep your language appropriate.
  • Don't include personal information about yourself.
  • Don't give away the ending!
  • If you are using the numerical ratings in addition to your written review, a "5" rating means, "This book is great - everyone should read it" A rating of "1" means "Yuck - don't bother reading this book."
  • Reviews that are not accepted will be deleted
  • Accepted reviews will be published within 48 hours.